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New forum subject sections added - more on the way!

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Many of the forum sections you see on the www.t-shirtforums.com homepage were created when this site started over 3 years ago.

At the time, it wasn't fully clear which areas would be necessary, which would be most active, etc.

Now that we have lots of threads about a wide variety of topics, it's time to expand the subject sections to help keep the great information here organized and easy to find.

Now when you click on the Heat Press and Heat Transfers section of the forum here:
Heat Press and Heat Transfers - T-Shirt Forums

You'll see 5 new sections to post in:

I've also added Thread PREFIXES in those sections to also help signify what type of paper/transfer process is being discussed in the thread. This should also help make sure everyone is on the same "page" when reading the discussions.

I've also added new subsections to the Direct to Garment (DTG) section of the forums for the different DTG machines that are out there. This should make it easier for the operators of those machines to get help and share information specific to the machine they are using:

I will be adding more forum subsections in the next week or so to the screen printing, and other sections of the forum. If you have suggestions, please send me an email, post in the feedback section of the forum, or send me a Private Message by clicking on my username.
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Just added a couple more subforums in the DTG area for the NeoFlex machine, the FreeJet machines and the MS Brand of DTG machines. Also added is a section about pricing DTG printing and a section about pretreatment.
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