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New epson - printing horizontal lines

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I feel like I've tried everything.

Happy with my Epson WF 7710 overall.

Had to clean the ink heads 4 times before it would even print (which is normal I think?) and it worked well for the first couple days.

Some designs started to print with horizontal lines, however. I did an alignment check and that seemed to fix the issue for a couple days.

Now I go to print and it has lines again. I have done two alignment checks, cleaned heads again, and it isn't helping at all.

Seems to only be an issue with dark colors.

When I do the alignment check, it tells me to select which option doesn't have lines... but they all do! The first time I did it, I didn't have that problem.

Doesn't seem to matter which paper I use.

Paper settings? There isn't an option for cardstock or transfer paper, unless I am missing something. I have been using the standard letter setting.

Now sure what else I can check/change.

The designs still transfer onto the garments just fine, but for the occasional opaque paper transfer it's simply unusable now.

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