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New Entrepreneur in Apparel Industry

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Hello friends,

I found this forum while searching for some information regarding shirt hang tags. I thought I'd check it out.

In about a month, I will be starting up a small part time home based business in the surf apparel market and hope to network with other experienced treps on this forum.

If anyone could recommend some advice or words of wisdom, please feel free to comment. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks - emerjer
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Welcome to the forums. Good luck with your brand!
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Whats up, I have started my clothing line a year ago and I'm still going strong. I catch a lot of slack about my website looking generic and the clothes look like they can buy it at Old Navy. But the truth to the matter is that my clothes may look like Old Nave stuff, but UPS does a pickup every single day, with a average of seven orders a day, so i must be doing something right. I wish you luck with your new venture.
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Thanks for your support. I appreciate it, and congratulations on your continued success. I'm pretty sure that when things are going to pick up, I'm gonna be asking you some questions.
Welcome bro.

Do you have a website?
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