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Hi all,

Since a few weeks I'm browsing this forum for all information from t-shirt fabrics to pressing techniques. I already read some information and thought it would be a good time to introduce myself.

I'm Frank from The Netherlands, a Dutchy, not to be mistaken by the expression "going Dutch" ;)

I'm a freelance webdesigner, having my own company for 7 years now. Next to that I'm a fanatic weightlifter for a couple of years now. Because of a lack of great shirts for bodybuilders / weightlifters my brother and I had the idea to start a company creating our own shirts with quotes to sell to this niche market.

This is how I reached this forum searching information about shirts and about the best pressing techniques. I want to deliver quality shirts with great prints which will last for many years.

I will be reading more information on this forum in the couple of weeks to learn more about it. Next to that I will also place a post in the search of a supplier of printed shirts of great quality this week.

Nice meeting everyone here and I hope to get to know some people here.

Have a great day everyone.

Talk to you later,

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