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The previous formula P5000 ink will no longer be available after the conversion to the new formula. Returns of the previous P5000 series ink will not be accepted.
New and old formulas are chemically compatible and the P5000+ ink can be added on top of the existing P5000 ink in a printhead channel. However, it is always recommended that current users consume any remaining ink and then flush the print channel with DuPont™ F700 flushing solution prior to loading any new formula ink in their printer.
The application guidelines for post-treatment (heat pressing) remain the same for the new formula ink. The Application Guideline (K-15831-Fusing of DuPont™ Artistri® P5000 Series Pigment Ink) has been updated to reflect the new ink series name only and is attached for your convenience.​
Phase-in of the new formulations will occur over the next month. The availability dates of these new formulation products will vary by color. During this transition time, you may receive mixed orders of the old and new formula inks. Use of old and new formula inks on the same printer is acceptable. It is expected that all new formulation colors will be available by the middle of August 2008.
From a memo dated July 21, 2008 from DuPont. I beleive it answers most of the questions about the what and where.

Fusing of DuPont™ Artistri® P5000+ Series Pigment Ink​
A thermal fixation post-treatment step is required for maximum fastness and durability of the images printed with DuPont™ Artistri® P5000+ Series Pigment Ink. This fixation step may be carried out with a traditional fabric oven, a fabric calender, or a fuser press.​
Recommended Conditions for Fixation of DuPont™ Artistri® P5000+ Series Pigment Ink:​
For Calender or Fuser-press Fixation:Fabric TypeFusing Temp.*Dwell Time**PressureKnitted cotton170C2 min10psi
*Dwell time for calender fixation begins when the leading edge of the printed image makes contact with the heated metal drum and ends when the same leading edge breaks contact with the metal drum surface.
** Dwell time for oven fixation begins when the leading edge of the printed image enters the heat zone and ends when the same leading edge exits the heat zone.​
For Oven Fixation:Fabric TypeFusing Temp.*Dwell Time***
Knitted cotton170C2 min
***Equipment temperature settings should be calibrated using a thermocouple or infra-red thermometer.​
The conditions listed above are general guidelines for the fixation of DuPont™ Artistri® P5000+ Series Pigment Ink. Due to potential differences in the fabric or garment as well as potential differences in fusing equipment, these general guidelines may not be sufficient or applicable in all cases. Each customer should carry out on-site tests to identify the optimal fusing conditions for their preferred fabrics and equipment set-up.
From another release the same day regardiong fusing of the inks.

Hope this is helpful.
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