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New design shop, Have questions...

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I'm just starting up an online business called The System Sucks in the field and I had questions about the most economical way to do it... I am interested in marketing a couple items and shirts / hoodies / hats with a few trademarks of mine on them. I found sited on the net that will do embroidery on a blank article of theirs then ship it to me.. preety exorbent prices, so i was considering buying the blanks then doing the embroidery or possibly transfers? or silk screening it on.. what is the cheapest way I could do this? what are the cons of the methods? HELP!
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Hi Eric,

You can find a lot of your questions answered by searching for relevant forum topics about the printing methods you're considering.

Embroidery is only one way to decorate shirts (not the post popular way). There is also screen printing, heat press, dye sublimation and direct to garment printing.

You can research each method here in the forum and decide whether you want to outsource the printing or do it yourself.

Another option is to use one of the "all-in-one" type fulfillent services like cafepress.com, zazzle.com, spreadshirt.com, etc.
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