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new design critique please

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I have a new design I would like some critique on....keep in mind I cant draw to save my life so I found a artist willing to work together until the design sells......so this is the first one...it is aimed at the local market in my area ..if this sells we will work on some more that will appeal to a larger market.....


please tell me what you like and dont like about the design...

thank you

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My thoughts Inked are that the text is not working very well with the design. I think the text needs to have a different layout and be significantly larger. I also don't like it on white (but I never like white shirts).
I agree with bornover, the white tee doesn't work for that design, maybe black tee w/ white ink would look better and maybe solidify the font.
I took some art an artist did for a biker group recently. They wanted it as it was on white. I changed it to this. I am thinking yours might work better along the same lines.


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Inked, first just want to say I am a newbie to the tshirt world. But I have been working as a designer for over 10 years. I agree with what everyone else has said. The type looks like an after thought. I think not only should it be larger, it needs to be incorporated into the overall design more. Right now it is divided into to sections. Hope this helps.
for some reason i cant see the image . can you repost ...
The good news – you’ve got yourself a great artist… Be nice to him/her…
I'm not sure I like the girls in the design, they come across a little manly. Not as cute as they could be. Also, I agree about the "Get Inked" text. Overall, I think the concept has potential to be quite popular with the right crowd.
for some reason i cant see the image . can you repost ...
It must be a setting or missing add-on/plugin in your browser Rolando. The rest of us can see the images.
I like the face of the clown a lot, but he's showing off with his tattoo which i don't find very cool. The girls are not very hot but fit very good to this type of guy. Is this shirt to be sold in a tattoo shop?
i don't think it's fair to be that technical with a crtique. obviously this is this artists style. not over realistic and not cartoony. the over exageration of the eyes and lips i find kinda cool and creepy at the same time. i agree with the others about the type. i'd go bigger and move it to within the design. good luck!
thank you to everyone for there views on this design.....I agree about the type and my artist told me he would try to incorporate the type into the design on the next one.....this design will be sold locally ....to whomever wants to buy one...flea markets and word of mouth mostly.....thanks again

I am trying to get my artist to do some fishing related designs as well...will post when I have one to show

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