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Hello from Texas:

I am very new to the business. I am not a professional artist or experienced t-shirt maker. I will greatly appreciate every bit of advice that ya’ll can give me.

With that said, I have recently launched a t-shirt website (www.imaginaryfarms.com). I am a singer-songwriter by trade, but kept coming up with t-shirt ideas that people liked. For about a year, www.christianshirts.net was selling 2 of my designs before I decided to start my own website and sell my work myself.

PROBLEM: Because I am just starting out, I can NOT afford to purchase 12-24 (the avg. minimum) screen printed shirts every time a customer wants a certain design. While I have found a local company that has very good prices ($6-7 for a 3 color shirt), I still can’t afford to purchase the minimums for each design. I need to order one shirt @ a time as the orders come in. I have found several companies on the internet (within the USA) that will make just one, but as you already know, the setups are pretty high.

SOLUTION: Heat Pressed shirts, or ______?

QUESTION(s): 1) How much less expensive (avg.) are the Heat Pressed shirts and are “today’s” heat pressed designs good enough to hold up if the consumer properly cares for the apparel. I know they are not as good as screen prints, but would this be a better option for me? What are the disadvantages? (no dark-colored garments?)

2) Also, would I be better off purchasing a heat press unit and doing it myself? If so, what would be a good brand/size and are there any reputable places to buy used ones? Should I find a unit applicable to my situation, how much should I expect to spend? (I don’t want to be taken advantage of)

3) What other options do I have? What are these “T-jet” machines? (they seem pretty expensive and the forums had a lot of neg. feedback)

4) Any other questions I may have missed here, please fill in the blanks ”__________ “?

I am not looking to get rich quick with my designs, but I know I can make some money with them. There are too many people telling me they like my ideas and want to wear them. I was not a business major in school, but I have enough sense to know that purchasing $100 worth of shirts and only selling one of that design means I am not making any money. Eventually, I will be able to afford (I hope) to purchase in bulk when business picks up, but right now I’m sure you can understand my situation. Incidentally, besides the internet, I am willing to work hard to sell my shirts elsewhere. Any suggestions on the best ways to do this? (trade shows, street cornersJ, etc?) Again, I GREATLY APPRECIATE any help I can get from the “experts” out there. There is so much info out there, the more I read the more I get confused. This is all new to me and I feel really fortunate to have been able to find this great site. Thanx again!


Imaginary Farms


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Howdy, i lived in Temple for a dozen years... Just starting out? We use the Tjet. you most likely got the bad reviews on a forum from the brother guys. They really were insulting at the screenprinters forum. They finally burned their bridges and left though.

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