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Hi Guys,

My name is Keel Russell, Co-founder & COO of iChoose Universe, we are in the business of manufacturing, branding, and retailing apparel for Universities, Large Corporations, Non-Profits, and Professional Sport Teams.

I am joining T-Shirt Forum because I need help with a proposal I am putting together for a potential client in the Professional Sports Arena. We are designing and sampling T-shirts, Towels, Noisemakers, and Drawstring Bags for the team. I wanted to know a good price point to pitch to the Team with the following factors:

I was quoted Inflatable bam bams, towels, and drawstring bags. So my question is what is good markup to pitch this professional sport team without being too low or too high?

Drawstring bag = 2.30
Bam bam = 2.01
Towels = 1.50

I'm pretty sure I can get these lower.
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