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Hello all,

I am very new to this so thanks for being here. I'm still searching for affordable, quality blanks, especially in women's fashion i.e. fitted tees with some spandex. I am in discussions with China about sewing my own designs, (which are still pretty basic--longer body, capped sleeves, slightly form fitting, v and scoop neck,) but am worried about quality control and also, I do not want to support an exploitive factory or get a product that is full of toxins. At the same time, finding affordable women's blanks in a nice shape with 5% spandex seems illusive.

I am also looking for transfer producers. I got an estimate from Versa Trans in MI. They wanted $4 per shirt for full color transfers, then I would have to pay $2 for the presser here in CA. This makes the cost of the shirt and overhead prohibitive for wholesaling, I can't sell shirts that would have to retail for so high. I am trying to get my costs down to make the math work on this venture. Any suggestions for me would be very, very helpful. Thanks!

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