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New Clothing line

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Hello there, I am new to this site and i Really want to start my own tee-shirt company. I have many designs on my computer but i do not know how to get them on shirts, I tried a screen printing type of this i bought from michaels but it didnt work that well for me. I researched heat press however i do not know where i can purchase one and a printer to print the transfers on. Can anyone help me on how i should start?
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ok so for transfer paper you have many options depending on what you will apply them am no expert but i will try to help u as much since this forum has helped me i guess ill return the favor
so first you need to know are you printing on white color or black t-shirts the reason i has is for white shirts you can use jetprosoftstretch for color and black there is Ironall Dark and many more as well as sublimination print i currently use a epson workforce 1100 with my current setup and i like it
my one recommendation is research this forum there are a lot of post for you to read and a lot of different opinions on what to use so i would suggest you order some samples and test test test see witch paper best fits you're needs o and there is also heat applied vinyl
so good luck

hope this helps
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I'd recommend using a local screen printer to begin with. I find you can usually chat to them, they offer a decent price and they can give you good advice. Perhaps after discussing your designs together he might be able to recommend something for you, just take it with a pinch of salt as he is obviously looking for business too, but we can also help you out ;)
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yeah, those transfer papers you buy from the store are a joke.

for heat transfers, we have an oki printer and use magictouch transfers. for sublimation transfers (when the damn thing worked) we went through sawgrass technologies for ink and paper, as i recall, and use an epson workforce 30 printer. both have very real pros and cons and both require a heat press, which you can get online just by doing a search for 'heat press' and start comparison shopping.

depending on your art, plenty of screen printers can print more than just your basic 1-3 colour designs. ask some about what they offer ~ some will do a process colour, discharge, etc.. a popular option is looking into direct-to-garment printers. then there's the aforementioned vinyl.

a lot of people really like plastisol transfers. find a place that does these, and they'll put your design on a special transfer that you heat press, the result being just like screenprinting.
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