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New clothing and gifts site

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I would like to introduce our new site onscreengraphics.

Please feel free to comment but go easy as I am a newb.

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I'm not a pro (yet). But here's my thought: When I clicked your link, the first thing that I see--which takes up the entire screen--is the contact page. That should not be the first thing I see. In fact, if I want to contact you I will search for the contact information. I think that what I should see first is an example of your work. Probably your "best" or most aesthetic, attention-grabbing work.

But that's me as a "user" of the interwebs. I'm sure others will chime in with tips!
yeah Ziggy that is weird, felt like it was a work in progress
start with your products front and center, move the contact to it's own page

i personally can't stand the page loading as you scroll,
i know it is supposed to improve page load times (but yours is a small site)

your header is buried under your top nav-bar

also try a different font, this one renders almost blurry (esp. noticeable on the s and e, and the lowercase i looks like an l)

your logo seems really small on my browser
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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