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New, but not quite!

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I actually joined over a year ago, and have been coming here to get my questions answered without having to actually ask anything! Search is my friend. :)
My name is Whitney, I've been in this whole screen print/embroidery/promo item/graphic design/digitizing business for four years now, and at our shop we do it all. Now, we don't personally print the promotional items, we order those through ASI, but everything else we do in house. We digitize logos for embroidery, I do the graphics for screen printing, I screen print some (usually when our screen printer decides it's his vacation time and disappears for weeks.... I personally think the fumes makes us all crazy. :p ) Basically, I've had my hands in everything, making sure it all runs smoothly, so I know a little about everything, but not a lot about it all. Make sense? Everything I know I've learned the hard way, so I'm hoping to help keep people from making all the same mistakes I did. I have a degree in graphic design, and it is my true passion. I'm a 25 year old gal who has too many dreams!! I love screen printing, on a manual or automatic. I've done both. I've tried sublimation, heat transfers, index printing, cmyk printing, but I just prefer spot printing.
Well, there's my year late introduction!! It's been nice hanging out in the back, but here I am!
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I guess I won't say welcome to the forum since you've been here a while. How about glad you decided to delurk! Sounds like you have some good experience to contribute.
where are you located? thanks
Northeast Louisiana. How about you?
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