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I am thinking of opening a screen printing business. I have found used equipment for 13k. Could buy it new for about that but the used comes with 250 screens. How does screen printing vs. DTG printing compare? Does anyone have any ideas? Also how much could I expect to make in a year?
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for 13k I would dfinately go new if the only difference was screens. What make is the equipment?

for volume, scren printing is the way to go, if you are looking to do small orders, dtg may be better (debateable) , but screen printing is also an excellent option, just has more clean up involved.
another con to DTG is the cost of the printer.

As far as what you can expect to make, its really up to you and your demographic,

where are you located? how do you intend to market? How motivated are you? will this be your only job or a side business? How much competition do you have? will you have retail store frontage or will this be a warehouse/basemnt business?

With so many variables no one can really answer that one for you :)
I agree with Drue... if the only difference between new and secondhand is some used screens... buy new.

And since I'm a screenprinter and this is posted in the screenprinting section... I'd also agree that screenprinting is awesome ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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