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Hey everyone! I have some experience working with heat transfer paper and the machine itself for over a year now. I currently want to set up my own individual printing business and I know there are many methods out there that I can utilize for my business.

I did a lot of research and a I read the forum here thoroughly before I decided to post. Currently I am working with a $4000 budget. My goal for this business is to print out designs on T-shirts and sell them as plausible fashion products like threadless. And in order to get a quality similar to that I would have to purchase a screen printing machine. I have narrowed it down and it looks like the Riley Hopkins 6/4 Win series would be my choice. There is only one thing I have very limited hands on experience working with these machines. I have watched a lot of tutorial videos and such so I get the flow of it.

I also understand that Plastols is a plausible option as well but that would not necessarily require that I have a screen printing machine as I can outsource the transfer printing out to a vendor. I did some price analysis on it although in the long run it would be cheaper for me to make my own but I am having a real hard time deciding.

For my initial start-up, would you recommend that I keep my initial start up costs lower and purchase a quality heat transfer press. And if I am looking to make a new line of shirts or a customer demands a higher quality transfer I would utilize plastols? Or would you suggest that I purchase a screen printing machine/ learn the mechanics of it so I can utilize it in my business.

This is purely a side business venture as I have a full time job at night. Any help deciding would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for your time!
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