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New brother gt381

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The company I work for just brought a GT-381. I am very familiar with the Gt-541 but am wondering if anyone has any tips for me on the GT-381. Every opinion is welcome. =)
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Congratulations on the GT-381 it is a great machine. I suggest that you call brothers in Memphis, TN. and see about attending one of their classes. I also suggest that you set up the machine as a GT-361 and run it in that mode until to learn the machine and get comfortable in using it. If you don't have a pre-treatment machine get the company to buy one it is a life saver. We have a GT-381 and we love it. Maintenence is easy and have used it for almost a year now and had no problems with it. :D
Thanks for the advice. Do you know how much a training session would cost? Why would you suggest using it as a 361 rather then the 381? We bought the viper 600 and have had no issue with it thus far. =)
Mainly due to the cleaning/maintenance cycles. If you're already using white ink everyday multiple times, you're fine, otherwise, your maintenance costs will double since you are using 4 heads instead of 2 (and thus have to clean/flush/etc all four).

The biggest problem you'll run into is getting proper print files. I highly suggest updating to the most recent firmware and software set and ensure you get Brother's PDIP program, which will make processing any images with transparency/soft edges/feathering in them a crapload easier. If you're strictly just doing vector art without any fancy effects then as long as you use Brother's 254/254/254 white fill, you will be fine.
I don't remember if the training class was included in the price of a GT-381. Call Brother USA and talk to them. The reason I recommend you set up the machine as a GT-361 and using only print heads 1 and 2 is that it will save you money as you are learn to use your machine. Once you are comfortable using the machine you can put in print heads 3 and 4 and print as a GT-381.:)
If the machine was installed by Brothers the tech must have installed as 381 unless specified to install as 361. The price of the 381 includes the four heads. At installation if it was installed as 361 you should have two extra heads which you would have to install yourself and set the machine to print as 381. If you need the technician to install the other two heads it will be a paid service call which can be quite expensive depending where you are. Sometimes it is better just to set it up as 381. Even if you waste a little more ink on maintenance when you print with white it will be a better image and better white coverage.
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