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New Auto Hoop Holds Tape In Place For Faster Production

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Dramatically speed up your ability to sew on tape, ribbon, belts, and similar products with the new Auto Hoop, an accessory designed for Tajima embroidery machines and made by AuriService.
Auto Hoop, which is offered by Hirsch International, is a pneumatic ribbon-holding device that automatically moves the ribbon a set distance that can be selected when setting up the job. The distance can range in millimeters from .5 up to 4 meters. The device automatically adjusts the tension and the feeding of the ribbon to keep it running smoothly. The device can be programmed to embroider the same design up to 10,000 times.
The device is easily installed and removed from the embroidery machine so a single machine does not have to be dedicated to ribbon embroidery. The PC boards and stepping motor, which drives the device, work on low tension at 24 volts DC. The frame is driven by compressed air. The beam sensor protects employees from injury while using the device.


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