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Hello everyone im new here and ill be looking for as much info to helpme start my new business and find preferred suppliers.

I have obtained a licensing agreement for some wonderful images from a well known brand here in Australia and am very excited by the opportunity it presents so i will be starting small and working my way up as the sales increase.

I currently need help finding a printer, t-shirt supplier and any other little bits of advice that people can offer.

Ive been told that screens are the best way to go and from the research i have done i tend to agree but ive heard alot about a "VIPER" DTG machine...im not sold but if anyone has any experience please let me know your opinion.

I would like to keep the garments and printing here in Aus and support local industry but the reality of tht might not be possible.

Please contact me if you can help as i would greatly appreciate any advice or quotes etc etc..

I dont pretend to know much but im passionate and i know what i want so please if we can do business or your just happy to help me from making mistakes by sharing your knowledge, drop me a line and say g'day!

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