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I am about to start a new online company with the view of expanding to shows and markets in the future if the venture is successful.

I have obtained a great opportunity to use some wonderful images from a well know Australian Icon and am excited that it could be a great little project, it will not change the world but the possibility is there for some strong success so i would like to forge a strong relationship with a professional business that has a high emphasis on quality and customer service.

This could be a nice easy little earner for someone who is prepared to work with me and think of the long term.

I am well organised, know exactlly what i want, also what i dont want, so references etc to help me with my choice and show your business in the best way would be great please.

I will be starting with T-shirts to gauge the success of the designs and narrow down to best sellers over the first year.

I would also like to be able to offer
  • Hooded Jumpers
  • Flags
  • Barmats
  • Stubbie Holders
  • Singlets
  • Hats
What I need is some leads to compare suppliers of high quality Screen Printing services for these types of items and also someone who can create and add tags to the garments as well.

This is a new, small business so understandably price will be a mojor factor with my decision as well, imsure it is for any business though so this should not be news to anyone in the industry but please understand I will need you to be competitive.

I would like to use the Australian made logo on the website and the items as well if it is possible so i am looking locally to see if anyone can offer a competitive service.

I am based in Tasmania so shipping will need to be a part of the whole package, I will investigate the cheapest option for this but any advice is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who can help,

Thanks for your time.
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