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New at using the software for my Roland gx-24

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I am using thermo film. It cuts amd looks great so I know that its me. I have 3 Greek letters that I want to place on a under armour shirt but after I mirror (or what I think is mirror it) it still comes out backwards. Please help me. The order is due Tuesday(tomorrow night) and I am stumped
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what software...what is the result of cutting...is it not mirrored??? there may be a vertical mirror option and a horizontal mirror option...if you have that...use vertical option...best yet..post the image
The software is cut studio. And I don't see the vertical or horizontal mirror just mirror. I will post but looking at it I think it relates to my limited knowledge.
I meant posting the actual file...but do you have any software like Corel or illustrator? Design I. That a copy to cut studio. I don't know hw the letters should look,,,,,but seems you need to mirror again.
It looks like they were rotated and not mirrored. In CutStuido go to Object and Mirror. This should do what you need.
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