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New and undecided

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I have been reading the forums and visiting multiple heat press sites...
I want to start off small with mugs, license plates, coasters, etc to test the waters, then eventually invest in a large heat press and more reputable printers.
I was thinking of going Sunie... Is it a total minimum requirement to start with a 15x15 press? If I plan to start small with coasters, license plates, kid shirts, would a 15x12 press suffice? I saw combo heat presses but I read that they aren't the best.

Any advice of first economical purchases for sublimation. I've been researching for months but still have not committed to a purchase. Read that the epson does decent but I'm undecided on a cISS. The ricoh seem pricey to be a starter...
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Start with reputable heat press brand, that you will buy used.
Something solid, that will be your first investment that will last for years.

I bought a cheap one to start, and had to change it after anyway.

I don't like combo, it always look cheap.

I prefer a press for a specific job, better quality.

You should buy a press 16"x20" with removable bottom plate. (more flexible)
chest plate, youth, adult, sleeves...

A cheap printer with very good result would be a used R1400, you can flush the ink line and use a ciss and fill with reputable sublimation ink .

You have plenty option
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Welcome! This is the place you can find answers to your questions about our industry.
Hobbyist heat press?

I have the following printers in my home that has not been used:
Brother mfc 420cn

Hp c8180

Canon mp240.

Is there anyway to convert any of these printers
To dye sublimation inks or pigment ink?

Again, will a 15x12 platen heat press suffice for at lease a license plates and starter? Hopefully once I get the hobby going and growing, I hope to progress to a 16x20 press.

Heatpressnation.com has caught my eye with the hobby starter deal... Or the geo knight 12x9...

Don't have funds for the big deals yet...
I was also looking into the epson workforce 30 or c88 with dye sub inks...
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