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Neosol machine with no solvent cleanning solution

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When i received my machine i dont have a neosol solution cleanning
So i cant wash my head and my dampers and my lines
Its big ****!!! U know
So I replace it with what?
The solution cleanning ammonia water distilled,solution CPS What ...?

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My new head is clogg, all is clog , lines , head , dampers ,
i font have a solution

Help me!!
did you leave the ink just sitting in the head?

call the TIGERS at AA. i think your issues are beyond the forums right now.
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If better to contact AA
Some time ago I get one channel complete clog, unable to flush it, I think the head is broken so I have nothing to lose at all, I use alcohol and then acetone and unblock the channel print head still working.
But again better to contact AA

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Hi manuel
Do you have a neosol?
Of course, both neoflex and neosol

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So my question is :

When you clear all machine neosol ,
What you put on your cartridge ?
I did not clean the machine for storage. You should use the solvent cleaner.
I use it every other week, the longest time that I did not use it was 6 weeks and no problem at all
I use the solvent cleaner to do the maintenance before and after use it.
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Oh ok so you thing is good if i putt the solvent in my cartridge?
The dampers ,printhead and lines i can wash with the solvent?
When we started, we needed to clean the cyan line, because we suspected that the ink was contaminated, we put some solvent cleaning solution provided by AA to clean, we buy the solvent cleaning and inks with the machine.
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Ok so i bougth that: neosol-conditioning-solution or neosol solution ?
I am not sure that I understand you,
You said that you never use your solvent, so no ink at all; then you said that all system is blocked???
If all your lines are blocked I recommend you to remove the print head and clean it separately, reverse flush and flush until work ok., for dampers I think better to replace them, and clean your lines from the connection at the top of the damper put a cartridge with solvent and pull with a syringe one line at a time.
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And if your system is blocked as you said, (so the option is to replace all parts)
use acetone (MEK, nails ink remover) to clean the system, acetone is thinner than alcohol and stronger in removing ink and gaskets, clean with acetone then flush with alcohol/water mix (50/50), you need to clean your lines manually one by one, and dampers and print head separately.
Ok listen me and tell me what do you think:

I wash my print head with alcool , i made flsuh and reflush my printhead is perfect .
Me too, ii think i change the dampers.
I have made flush and reflush for the lines but i put the water distilled , no the solvent , is no good?
Nothing is bloked ,just i put the water .i dont know
I think if you already flush your lines with distilled water and run ok, you don't going to have any problem. you have no ink in your lines.
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Oh ok thanks you , I was afraid of having to break my machine
Hi manu
Do you know what is the difference between
I just realize that there is a Conditioning Solution.
I only have/use cleaning solution
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Ok and for the alcohol , its the same for the house ?
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