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Neoflex won’t turn on!!!


I was using my Neoflex when the base and the printer went off power.
The printer stopped half way the bed.

Through the perspex, at the end of the bed, I can see a little green led, proof that power is properly entering the printer.
I intended few times to switch off-on / Change the fuse / Change alimentation cable / Press stop button / Move the printer up and down the bed….
Nothing is working!!! My Neoflex won´t power up!!!

Please if someone has a solution he would be more than welcome
Emmanuel from Spain

Many Thanks

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Re: Neoflex won’t turn on!!!

Thanks for your answer
The problem was the emergency stop button that just died
I changed it and now it works again

Thank you
Panicky!!!! Understand fully. All can find out that Printer is not complicate mechanism. Many basics are there.
Many people think AA abandon NeoFamily. AA had no choice but starting to charge. AA couldn't service NeoFlex forever without income.
Exam: Expon charges $2500/yr for service along with High cost ink. Brother Ink cost are more than 20yrs old scotch. They can survive but AA can't. While NeoFlex original getting old = More services = more Money to service. AA did long enough than any other DTG company. Cost/yr was $600,000.
Are you rather see AA disappear or charge some and stay alive? I am sure everyone has different opinion but I decide to survive.
I hope some one will give me some mercy.
Cheers to NeoFamily! Beers are on me always!!!
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