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Neoflex vs Resolute vs Freejet vs Belquette

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Hello Everyone,

We are an organic clothing brand and we are currently looking at the option of doing our printing in-house but I am not sure which one I should get. The more research I do the more confusing it gets. Moreover, most of the threads are quite old and some of the recommendations might not really apply to the machines of today considering the upgrades each of them might have had.

Can you guys help with the below background -

- I am new to the DTG business
- We will print for maybe 5hrs a day inititially. We might have none during some days
- I'd like to print on hats/totes/kids/sweatshirts/mouse pads
- My budget is about $15k-$18k
- Eco-Friendly Inks (We run an organic clothing brand)

I think I've covered most areas. :)

All your help and recommendations are much appreciated!

Thank you!
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Your budget is a bit skimpy for your choices especially when you factor in shipping and training. What ever machine you get, if you do not get trading, you are cheating yourself. Also what kind of support after the sale and how close is it. You don't show your location,but if you are EU, I would favor the Resolute (perhaps the Texjet...I think it is made Greece??). If you are in the USA, for me it would be a tie between Neoflex or the new Epson DTG. If you do buy a DTG, you should have a pretreatment unit. Doing pretreatment manually may result in noticible differences between first print and say the 20th. You need to follow the manufactors recommendations on temp and humidity. These are just my suggestions as a owner of two DTG units....not at the same time! And are just some items to consider. Good luck,
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Thanks Charles! I'm based out of India.
I hope this won't be an issue as far as after sales service is concerned.

You're right, the budget is a bit tight but I am willing spend a bit more for the right printer
Charles is right on the costs side.

Concerning printers I would suggest to read respectfull forum section of each printer, then you will have understanding of the pros and cons of each machines,
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Prices have dropped on some of your US choices here in the last 10 months, for the Epson you would have to go direct to Epson to see if they have a dealer that covers your country. US Dealers are not allowed to sell outside the US. Also consider your production flow in your evaluation. How many platens what is going on while the printer is printing, i.e. curing shirts, pretreating etc. Not just stand and watch the shirt print and do nothing.
If you are based in India get a deal directly with a t-shirt manufacturer then buy AEOON and be export kind of DTG:D
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