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NeoFlex - TriBlend

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Hi, I currently have an order for some triblend tank tops (50% Poly, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon). Is this something that will give me trouble with my neoflex? Has anyone worked with these ratios and have any pointers they can give me as far as pretreating, printing, and curing with these? Thank you!
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It's too bad the ratio of Cotton to the other fibers wasn't the highest portion. I would suggest getting a couple sample pieces to try and see what happens. I have had good results with 50/50 shirts but never tried a tri-blend.
i have a Next Level tri-blend that printed well with DuPont pretreat. i haven't printed one yet with Image Armour. the shirt lasted more than 5 washes, but i do have some white areas starting to crack, and in some small areas, the ink has flaked off. again, my results could be improved drastically just by using Image Armour, but they can be done. just be honest with your customer prior to printing!
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Over promise hurt us. Early deliver will make customer happy.
Big expectation often create disappointment.
I like Sean said. Be Honest. Not hard to be~. Sean is one honest guy I know.:)
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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I appreciate the responses! I picked up a sample shirt of similar ratios to what I'd be printing for the order. I wasn't happy with the quality of the final print and decided to direct my customer towards cotton/poly blends and cotton alternatives. He was happy that I wouldn't send him a product that wasn't up to our standards and was happy to choose alternatives. I will be staying away from tri blends. They do have a unique feel to them that people seem to really like but I've found some alternatives that have a similar feel using just poly/cotton. Thanks again for the input!

For anyone that has this same question in the future, I would recommend staying away from rayon blends all together however with less then 13% rayon I was able to get my best print with a half and half mix of image armour black and poly pretreat. I was printing a lot of solid color too which worked out better at about 30% underbase. Hope this helps someone in the future.
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We've printed on trii blends.
we used Image armour.(Dark)
Same process as our regular light weight shirts.
American Apparel.
Little less pressure.
We've printed on Viscose, Polyesters.
Black Polyester is the only fabric we've had troubles with.
Still prints, but just looks dull.
Wash testes on the tri blends have yet to dull or wash out.
I do all my wash testes in warm water and medium dry.
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