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We print 100 to 200 shirts a week in production mode with absolutely no problems (that we cant fix).

If you follow the directions from the Tiger Team and call them when you have a problem you will discover that any problems you are having will probably revert back to a maintenance issue.

CLEAN it Daily!. Shake your Whites DAILY.

If your volume gets above 50 pieces a week I recommend you switch to bulk. After a training phone call from Neoflex Support.

Attached are some examples of our prints.

We are located in western OK and use a humidifier to keep our humidity at 50% if we are lucky.

We print 99% of our shirts in Production Mode.

Please post some of your NEO prints.



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Nice looking prints sir!! Be careful using the bulk inks...especially on the white side. I personally hate dealing with refilling the bulk carts and the cost difference doesn't outweigh the mess it can make or risk of damage to the printer imo.

It's nice to see yet another member of our lil family be successful!!
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