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Neoflex Problems.. Please Help

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I have another situation. Ok so it was time to do a print head cleaning. So I took off the head and did a "waterfall" clean, tested dampers and put everything back together. Upon putting the carriage back on tracks, i accidentally knocked the encoder strip off. I put it back on and cleaned it. Turned the printer back on and this is the situation:

Both printer and base are in ready positions. Printer is in "back" position as usual. Set up to do a print. Bring printer in "home" position, send print job. Printer prints as should and in correct position on shirt according to RIP. Don't seem to be any encoder strip issues.

Problem 1) I now notice a bad banding issue with red. (Didn't have this issue before.)

Problem 2) After print, printer does not return to "back" position but instead sits at the back of the platen and displays "Ready" while the base still displays "Printing" and the light above the Reset button flashes. I press and hold reset but nothing happens. Just shows "Printing". I have to turn the base completely off and back on to reset.šŸ˜”

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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