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Neoflex Price

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We are looking at a used Neo Flex DTG and was wondering what the selling price for a new one is. Ballpark is fine. Thanks!

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Not sure if we're allowed to out prices on here. Give them a call their always helpful. It's less than an anajet I can tell you that.
Hi Shelly,
There is two used are available right now in this forum. The price he is asking is excellent price with no waiting. We are experiencing severe back orders. Never get shorten but longer. I feel so bad to new NeoFamily. I encourage used so much. After many years first batch we made runs like a rock. Never met someone regret who bought used. On top AA treat you as a brand new owner because we are all NeoFamily. Even thought they are leaving digital to garment industry NeoFlex and Tigers service were not the why. I am handing out my hand. Welcome to NeoFamily.
Proper training is must please do not forget. Welcome to Philly too.:)
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
PS: End users can post any prices in Forum, Not to mfgs and re-sellers.
We have one available as well if you're still looking.
I'm interested in a used neoflex if you still have one.
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I'm interested in a used neoflex if you still have one.
Check classified forum here.
Thank you for your interest to be a NeoFamily.:)
Cheers! We will have beers at your training day.
Here is one for today.
I suggest ship to AA and you come to training.
Cheers! Let's have beers sooner.:)
No need to ship from Finland. We still have ours available.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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