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Neoflex newbie in Asia

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Hi Neofamily

Just bought Neoflex from AA. We have experience 2 years DTG knowledge with fast t-jet 2 and now times to growing up with new machine.

After first setting up we did the rest order from our customers who waiting us for last 2 month after our Fast t-jet2 down.

Nice result with Neoflex! we very happy with quality is better, faster and stable.

we can do easy about 200 per day for white shirts and easy work with dark t-shirts also.

ink cost so amazing, we did 8"x10" white shirts about $0.15USD (include shipping and tax to my country)

wanna say thank you so much. Peter , Leo , Roger and NeoUncle. They helping me for setting up and training online!

**have some pic for test print from AA starter CD but it's look no place for newbie showing photo :)
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print test!


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Hey How are YOU?
You really surprised me. I kind a worry about you. So happy all turns out excellent.
First machine in Thailand. NeoBKK (Bangkok) is perfect fit to you. Glad you use one B than K, lol. Welcome to NeoFamily. Now it is time to you to support NeoFamily here. You said you want to be a reseller in your country. This tells me how much you love your NeoBaby. Thank you, take good care of her.
Cheers! Inks/beers are on me always.
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Welcome to the family! It looks like you are off to a great start. I wish you the Best of Luck!!!
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