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Neoflex for sale - san jose - costa rica

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We are Selling this printer that was bought directly to ALL American in Philadelphia.

We lived in Venezuela by the time that we bought the equipment. Due to Social-Economical and Political critical situation, we had to move to Costa Rica.

The Equipment has no use (it is new), it was never used for moving from one country to another; even the printer and the flat bed still have protective plastics.

Sale Price is 7.000$ (Equipment)

If you are interested, you can contact me to negotiate the shipping terms.

The Equipment includes:

NeoFlex 001 - Textile CMYK + White Pritner (original packaging)
Transport Base
Neo Transport Trolley
Neo Rip Professional Software + USB Key (original packaging)
Set of 8 Refillable Bulk Cartridges (never used) (original packaging)
Set of 8 Ink Cartridges (For use with ink bags)
5 Mini Funnels
3 Neo-Platen-2 - 11.5"x16" NeoTex Hoop Platen
1 Syringe
1 Neo-Resetter - 4800-4880 Chip Restter
1 Wagner Sprayer - New, never opened (original packaging)
50 Quilon Sheets Pretreatment
50 Silicon Sheets Curing
30 Cleaning Swabs
1 16" x 20" Teflon Sheet
1 Wagner Sprayer (New, still in its box)

Also the package includes some spare parts tha we bought for inventory as follow:

1 Encoder Strip
3 Dampers


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