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Neoflex 2 error code 1434

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Need help, Everytime I turn my printer on it gets a error code 1434. Says to replace ink cartridge 6. But that doesn't do anything. Looking in the slot n I don't see a sensor and all my cartridges don't have a sensor but I believe that's how the neoflex 2 is. Any recommendations on where to start looking? Thanks
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We'll let me add some info on myself as I am brand new to the dtg world. I have done as much research as I was able to find online, YouTube n so on. I found a used neoflex 2 and purchased it. The lady said she just had it refurbished by AA, and was including new printer head, cartridge loader and some replacement wires. I've removed everything n installed all new parts myself. Just put the printer on the transformer today. Followed the instructions in the binder that looks like it came from AA when she purchased it. Boom, transformer moves printer all the way back, n forward perfect. Printer is on and keeps saying to replace ink cartridge 6. After a while service error code 1434 comes on. Now, does that mean Ive installed something incorrectly? I guess I'm a nob and is looking for some guidance. I hear great things about neoflex and want to get this working n not sell it.

Sorry for the rant, I'm new here so I figured I'd give the whole story and maybe it'll make helping my issue out a little easier. Thanks ahead of time.

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Just on this forum, did you guys get this sorted out? Let me know
if I can help.
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