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NeoFamily, Viper is available for you now at ----

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First come first serve. AA is doing this for only on one fold.
Your consistent quality work which will lead you to win!
No more wash out,
No more different looks in one batch.
No more learning curve. Push and go.
No more wasting pt solution on air and floor.
Profit is never the purpose.
NeoFamily benefit! I am happier than you are, lol. is it possible?

Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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I reply your pm. I cannot post price :D
Cheers! Beers are on me always. Pt machine too, sort of.
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Wow it pays to be familiy! This is the least expensive price I have seen for a pretreat machine. $2500 to neo family! Thanks All American for looking out for the family.
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I know I am crazy most of time. After shipping, after taxs, after process labor ---etc. I am losing $300-400 each time.:) but why am I doing it? How about you tell me instead.:D
New NeoFamily: automatic include. Seniors: just give us a call.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
How could your post 4.3 billion posts? How long it took you and how many hours? You top Rodney.:)
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
Please contact me with a price on this machine.

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