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neo rip pro software how to print on color tees withoyt printing the border

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help i get a border around my print if i print on a blue are red are color tee
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That's probably from heat pressing, right? The color of the tee changes (darkens) when you heat press?

If so, that should go away with time -- once the fabric gets to room temperature. If the border remains, it's a pretreatment issue. You may want to try various amounts of pretreat (with wash tests), or different ways of curing the pretreat (different pressure, hovering, etc). Some people also mix other chemicals into the pretreat (even just distilled water) to try to reduce leftover pretreatment on the shirt.

Usually, that can go away with a wash. Some print shops warn customers that "pretreatment marks may remain until the shirt is washed in cold water."
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Is it an issue with your image itself or the pretreat/press process? If it is the press and pt, follow Brian's guidelines. If it is an issue with the image, then you have several options. The best one is to edit the image in editing software (Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.) The NeoRip software can make minor image changes, but it is always best to just import an already-made image into the program. You can also add a "transparency channel" in NeoRip. That is under the "Image" menu in the top. You can select the color you want transparent with the eyedropper. The problem with that method is, your border may not be a uniform color, and NeoRip will only remove one color at a time. Again, it's better to edit the image beforehand.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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