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Neenah imageclip laser dark Heat transfer paper color fade?

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hello, i have recently purchased neenah imageclip laser dark heat transfer paper and have a few questions. when following the directions i am not achieveing successful results. I have tried pressing the paper together at various temps. and pressures. I have finally got good results as there is just a white coat over my image. IM assuming this is correct. I am also assuming that when i print to the shirt, the image should look like the printed image (no Discoloration or fading). I have also noticed after pressing to the shirt, there is a very light red almost pink residue left behind on the paper after i peel it off. Could this be why i am losing my color? If you have any sugestions or tips please let me know, your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks:)
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May be to hot. I'm currently working with both light and dark. Make sure to follow the instruction on neenah's sight as they seem to be the most accurate. I am having issues getting the transfers to stick to the shirts if they aren't bold images. Also, lettering comes up and doesn't transfer all the way.
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