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Needle ripping shirt

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Hello All,

Attached is a sample that our emb girl ran but it is ripping the garment towards the middle of the letter. Now I don't know shizz about embroidery but I like to solve problems. So here I am asking the pros for some guidance.

Our pro emb guys is out for 5 yrs and just to keep working we just send out the digitizing to them guys that call all day asking to do ones digi and artwork. they are working out so far but sometimes they can't understand some issues like this one.

the material is a Nike golf shirt Dri-Fit

thank you guys for any help or tips


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You should adjust your top tension a little looser so it doesn't pull so much.
Make sure you are using a ball-point needle. It should help. Tension a little looser and possibly another layer of lightweight stabilizer
Also - if the inside fill and the outline were at slightly differing angles to each other it should stop the 2 colors "bleeding into" each other.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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