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Needing Referral for Trendy Fit Toddler Tee

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We are expanding in full-front/back designs for wholesale in children's clothing. I really want to print on trendy-fit shirts for girls, but since they have to be 100% poly, I can't find anything but regular toddler tees.

Since no one sells 100% poly trendy-fit youth tees for printing, we are thinking about producing them ourselves. I have some shirts on hand that are the exact style and fit I would like, but they are cotton/spandex and I obviously need to use performance poly.

Could anyone possibly refer a cut/sew and pattern maker for producing shirts? If these are carefully kept secrets, could someone at least maybe point me in the right direction?

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You are looking for a professional seamstress that has experience in working with stretch type material. The best ones, by far, are the ones that do dance wear. If I was looking I would contact a local dance studio and ask the owner if she can give you the contact information for the seamstress they use to do children's dance recital outfits.

The vast majority of seamstresses that have experience in dance recital wear will know how to make patterns as well.

I could have our head seamstress make them for you but then we would need to make a profit - your best bet is to have your own direct source.

Furthermore if you are going this route you might as well go cut and sew and get the full effect of custom apparel.
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That is very smart and helpful advice! Thanks so much. We have a million dance studios around here, let the phone calls begin!
Mark has beaten me to it - that's exactly what I'd suggest too :) With the only difference that here in Australia pattern makers and manufacturing units seem to be independent from each other more often than not. Some bigger scale sportwear manufactures, however, employ pattern makers and have the right softwear.

Also, here we have some industry directories for textile and apparel - both online and printed magazines - they have listings for a variety of companies from importers/manufactureres of fabrics, patter-makers, cut and sew to finishing and accessories suppliers - I would think, you guys must have some similar resources? Might require a bit of "Googling around" :)

Good luck with it!
American Apparel has a really nice toddler burnout. Go beyond white and experiment with some of the other light colors as well. The burnouts produce a very unique look.
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