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Hello....I am needing some guidance on pricing for shirts.

Scenario #1: I have a customer that has ordered 19 shirts. She wants a small name on the front (like pocket size) and on the back she wants a big capital letter in one color (this will be 12X12), name over big letter in another color, a bow in another color attached to edge of big letter, and a date in same color as bow on bottom of big letter. I have to design this, cut out each part, and press 4 times for each shirt. I am not sure what to charge her per shirt. I was thinking $25 per adult shirt and $20 per youth shirt. Is that a fair price?

Scenario #2: I have a customer that brought me 15 shirts (his shirts). He wants me to make a design, cut, weed, and heat press on the shirts he provided? How much should I charge him per shirt? He wants all the shirts to have different colors on them. The design is 12x12.

Scenario #3: I have a company that wanted a sample of choices for designs. i charged them $20 design fee. And then I made several choices and heat pressed them on a shirt and on a head band. Using front and back, inside out and wrong side out and mailed it to them in hopes of getting the business. Is $20 dollars per shirt for a 12x12 glitter vinyl design a good price? And $15 dollars per headband with ear muffs for a glitter design with rhinestones a good price?

I am thinking I would like to have a set price for shirts, designs etc. But I am unsure how to go about doing this....is $20 per shirt a good price for a shirt with a 12x12 vinyl design on it plain or glitter? do i charge everyone a design fee of $20 dollars?

any help you can provide will be appreciated....thank you so much. I want to be fair but i also want to make a profit...
I usually only have orders for 1 shirt or 2 shirts of a design I made for football season etc. Having orders of 15-20 shirts is something new for me. I order most of my shirts from blankshirts.com ($3-$6 each), vinyl from a whole sale place ($3-$4 per sheet 12X20-i do have some vinyl left over but I have not discovered what to do with the scrap pieces), and rhinestones from a whole sale place ($15-$20 dollars per 10 gross).

thank you. if any one would rather send an email my address is [email protected]. I cant wait to read what everyone suggest. thank you.
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