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Need your help on new Tshirt printing business

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Hi guys,
I'm a long time lurker, but finally made an account on this great forum. :)
I'm starting up a brand new T-shirt printing business. I've got all bases covered. Except...I really can't decide which printing method to use. I really hope you guys can give me some solid advice that can help me choose.
I'm launching an online T-shirt business where customers can order T-shirts. I imagine some shirts will be selling fairly well, while other designs won't sell at all. This means I'm looking for a solution to print individual shirts, but it should be scalable and has to be doable to print at least 10 to 50 shirts a day.
I will be printing a White+Red design on black shirts and a Black+Red design on white shirts.

Based on everything I read on this forum, there are 2 good solutions for me:

1) Inkjet printer + professional transfer paper + heat press.

- Any good recommendations for Inkjet printers?
- Any good recommendations for transfer papers (white and black shirts!)?
- What would be the price per print?
- Any good suppliers in or around Belgium?
- Is quality good on black and white t-shirts?
- Is this solution recommendable when printing +50 shirts per day?

2) Direct to garment printer + heat press

- Any good recommendations for DTG printers? Ricoh? Freejet?
- Do most of you guys buy, rent, or lease a DTG printer?
- Is (technical) maintenance a hassle if you don't have any experience with shirt printing?
- What would be the price per print?
- Any good suppliers in or around Belgium?
- Is quality good on black and white shirts?

I would be so thankfull to get some quality responses!

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I'll add option 3) Laser transfers.

Options 1 & 3 are less expensive to buy into and are more amenable to random/infrequent use than DTG. Laser has the advantage of no-weed papers, but the process of melding and separating A/B sheets looks fussy to me. So I would lean toward 1 ... but the options for black/dark garments are not as good as for light/white garments.

However, all of that is the easy part. The hard part is selling one's own designs, which is what I do. I screen print them, which is sort of inefficient and a bother at small quantities, but I like the look and quality of it. I first dabbled with screen printing 25 years ago, still there was a steep learning curve when I got serious about it. I'm not recommending this path to anyone, just saying what I did.

I have done a small number of inkjet transfers. I used an old, old, OLD Epson and JPSS paper for light garments. Looks great, and not hard to do. Is reasonably durable, but not close to screen print durability. I was doing rectangular designs, so no need to cut out a complicated shape to avoid having a "plastic window" around the design.
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