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Need to print a Logo on 100% Nylon Suit [San Francisco]

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I have the following sumo suit. The material is 100% nylon.

Amazon.com: Inflatable Sumo Costume with Battery Operated Fan: Toys & Games

I wanted to get a logo printed on the front of it. The size is 12x12 inch. Not sure what kind of method is suitable but i just picked Heat Transfer for now.

I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and was wondering if anyone would offer this service. Willing to ship it if the delivery time is within 1-2 days of the Bay.

If yes, what would the approximate price be.
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I'm not sure the material would hold up to the heat it takes to press a transfer on it.

Have you looked into a vinyl decal? Since it is temporary (I assume), it may do the trick for a few hours.

We can print one and get it to you, just contact us via email with the info. We also do full color transfers, but I cannot guarantee that the material won't melt or the transfer won't peel.

Eric :cool:
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