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Need to decide what type of cutter to purchase?

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Hi guys
opened for business a month ago and had pirchased a sequin machine. what a mistake? now i am looking to purchase a plotter/vinal cutter. any ideas on whats good out there to do rhinestone motifs amongst other stuff? I was looking at a graph tech and smart cutter pro from digital arts solutions? any input will be helpful. I just dont want to make another mistake?
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Try to consider Roland GX24, compare the price,features,specifications. Im using it and working fine.
Check the Graphtec. Specialty Graphics Supply has great deals on them for forum members. Check the link: www.t-shirtforums.com/view_specialtygraphicsexclusive.htm
I looked at the Graphtec and I was impressed. I will probably purchase the DAS cutter because I would like the rhinestone & decal system. Katie Owen at DAS is wonderful to deal with. I'll need the support and hand holding when I start with rhinestones. I feel that I can get what I need from them.
You can buy their rhinestone system without buying their cutter. Their cutter, in my opinion, is not realy cut out for long term professional use. If you want the balance of their system, that's fine, but get a better cutter. It takes the most abuse.

Good luck.
My concern is that I could have a problem cutting. If I don't have their cutter will they be able to help me with the issue. Like I said, I need some hand holding.
I'm working with the Summa D60-R Cutter more than a year now, and the machine does excellent cutting it even cuts very detailed designs perfectly!
After much deliberation and research, I decided on the GX-24.
While cost was a consideration, so was build quality.
I felt the extra cost now, would be worth it in the long run.
For anyone interested in creating rhinestone motifs, definitely check out BobbieLee's thread under the Rhinestone Decoration category here:

Rhinestone Systems
here is some equiptment to consider.
KNK Maxx 24" rhinestone edition with ACS Software$1499.00
Klic-N-Kut.com: KNK MAXX 15" Rhinestone Edition
I choose this becuase I want a cutter to weed around the transfers Im going to print off my epson and it will also cut vinyl for transfers and it will do rhinestone templets.you may also want ..
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