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need to clear small area of emulsion

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Is there a way to clear out a pin hole size of cured emulsion that is in my logo? It's in a letter "O" near the top.
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Tape around the dot to protect the emulsion you want to keep. Use a plastic tape, like box tape, Not paper tape, like regular masking tape. If you have room, you can dab a little remover on the dot with a tiny paint brush and let it sit for a minute. Then say a little prayer to the print gods. Then give it a little zap with your spot remover gun. It's just a mini pressure washer. use the shortest burst with the gun you can, in case you miss. If you mess up, you were gonna have to reburn it anyway. Peal the tape off as soon as you think you got it, and dab off any remover with a dry rag to avoid any new clogs in the area you just fixed.:)
Cleaning gun works best if u have the room or a steady hand. But u can also take it back to sink (if u haven’t inked it all up) and hit it with the pressure washer again. Get real close if u have the room and give it one quick burst. If it’s in a bad area then you can spray it both sides over and over and it will usually pop out. Last resort get a small pin and poke it gently a few times and it will come out. Be careful not to rip the fibers in mesh. But pins usually leave a small imperfection in the mesh even when ur careful. In the rare event I have to pin something out I use a magnifying glass and a ball point needle from emb machine. But f all else fails, re-burn.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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