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Hello, I am a newbie to the printing business. But do have other businesses that I have successfully operated that deal with accessories.

I am currently looking to diversify and incorporate the printed business and would be using it for fabrics, leather, plastics, wood, poly urethane etc. it will be very minute from a small logo, to large prints like towels, wall fabrics etc.
I am currently looking to invest about $20-25k and would like to treat it as a substantial investment i.e .. It won't be a small at home hobby kind of thing. But rather employ 2-3 people to manage and work in the business along with me.

I am based in NYC and have a ready supply of raw products at very good rates such as blank tshirts,laptop cases, cellphone covers etc.
I will be printing it specifically for my niche market and I am hopefull that I will recover my initial investment within a few months to a years time. But I am not in a hurry as I want to concentrate on unique designs and not flood it with cheap hurried designs.

I need advice onto what I will require, as far as possible automated machines that can serve the purposes. Also since it will be a startup we don't expect to run 24/7 but rather as and when required. Also maintenance wise we do not want to spend substantial amount every week or month, but rather once-twicea year or periodic maintenance as required.
Our main goal is tshirt, sweat shirts, but also we would like the machine to have capability to do small products such as keychains, picture frames, bandannas, caps etc also leather poly urethane etc for laptop, mobile covers cases etc. Also decals, window stickers.
Will big machines support printing on very small objects like mugs, keychains etc. what other accessories are needed to get all in one printer.

Thank you and looking forward to relevant information.
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