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Hello! I'm new to posting here, but I couldn't tell you how much time I've spent in these forums! I've put an insane amount of hours into digging and researching equipment to choose just the right fit for my new sublimation business. I can't quite find this perfect configuration on any site, but am hoping one of the vendors will read this and customize a package to fit me at a good price, so I don't have to order it individually, or a couple pieces here and there. This is the equipment I'd like to see if someone has, or could make a "business-in-a-box" deal for me :
Vinyl Cutter : Graphtec 6000-60 plus 24"
Heat Press : 16x20 Hotronix Auto Clam (preferably with caddie stand) or Geo Knight DK20 (clam or swing)
Printer : Virtuoso SG800 with bypass tray

And of course some vinyls, transfer paper, sublimation blanks, and ink and paper for the printer. The only thing I haven't decided on is design software, but the Graphtec comes with a particular one, and I have others in mind.
Thanks for your time, and thanks to everyone on this forum for all of the information and knowledge I've obtained.
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