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Hi, so i hired someone to make me a website and I trusted them, worked with them and unfortunately PAID them too. I have a website that still needs a bit of work and the developer has officially bailed on me. After about a month of one way e-mails i think i can call it official that he bailed on me or died.

anyway, my website (in the signature) needs some work. I have access to the files and the server is in my name at least. it was done in Drupal.

I'm really looking for a drupal programmer to work and do a few changes for me:

1. I would like complete admin access to the site, the programmer never gave me full rights
2. On the "pilot apparel" page, i like the images the way they are and layout, unfortunately when you click an image, the page it takes you to is that same image. I want to be able to change that (to a shirt image).
3. Banner ad has got to go OR give me access to change it, probably to an on site ad i've yet to create.

OK thats what im looking for. let me know! [email protected] if you think your up for it!

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Send me a email address or phone number to dlacart@mediacombb.net or/and go to my site at www.art4tees.com and a new site I am working on at www.crackercreek.net. I have no real knowledge of programing and a little knowledge of html but I believe I can accomplish what you are looking for my way... I might be at least worth talking to..

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This is from member @robsox128

Hi, just saw your post in recommendations but don't have the ability to reply for some reason.

You really don't need to pay a programmer to do what your asking, you can get full admin access by editing the user table in the mysql database (you probably have a php mysql admin program on your site).

What you want to do is change the password (username too if you'd like) for the user with the ID of 1. This is the super user in drupal.

When you change the password, you have to change the type to MD5 (the encryption Drupal uses) prior to saving the record. You should then be able to log in using the user 1 credentials and get full admin.

Once you have admin, changing the banner should be easy.

I have done a bunch of sites with Drupal so feel free to pm if you have any questions.


You may want to drop @robsox128 a PM and he should be able to get you sorted out pretty easily.
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