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Need someone to print, then cut applique and apply using distressed technique with felt backing

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I'm in California (but willing to use long-distance companies) and looking for a company that can print on fabric, then cut into a shape and applique to the front of a shirt with felt underneath. I will also need the back of shirt printed (probably screen printed since most of the shirts are dark colored) as well as a printed care label inside of shirt. The applique can be sublimation printed if needed. I'm assuming I will need someone with a laser cutter so I can achieve a distressed look. Low minimums would be GREAT! I can find different people to piecemeal it all together but I'm having a hard time finding a shop that can do it ALL. I also have other fabrics that don't need to be printed, just cut and appliqued with felt underneath. Anyone???:confused:
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I'm in Orange, CA.

I have a Ioline 300 applique cutter and a heat press. I should be able help on this, but I would need more. Our contact info is found on our website and you can call me direct.

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