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Need some rhinestone design work done

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hey ANYONE i need help creating a unique design to present to get myself started. at this point I am going to start by ordering transfers and heat pressing myself. so now i just need a fabulous design to present to my cheer team of about 200 moms to get started. if anyone can help me design PLEASE let me know
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Re: Show Your Rhinestone Designs

Give us a little more detail. Team colors. Do they have a mascot or nickname!!
Re: Show Your Rhinestone Designs

name of gym is( C. T. A.) colors are silver, black n turqouise, no mascot/no logo. wanted something thats has tons of rhinestones and covers a large part of shirt.
I created a design. :)


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Nice. Zebra is big in cheer. Another take on that, although it reduces the bling factor a little, would be to use a zebra vinyl, or perhaps make the zebra pattern in black and teal and outline in crystal
:p zebra design is the key
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