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Need some input - Want Transfer but still want that screen print feel!

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I currently run some Automatic Screen Print Presses and work with Thermo Film or Grip Vinyl Heat Press Material. I'm looking to expand and create my own Heat Transfers onsite rather than outsourcing. I want to avoid that "sticker" feel you can get with some Heat Transfers. I still want it to look, feel and hold up as if it were printed. (I know - I want a lot!:) We do a good many multi color jobs and are sometimes in the situation of having different set ups for different garments, sometimes not in high quantities. Having the ability to create a transfer with my existing art would save me massive production time! Not to mention open options for the customers who want a high quality product, just not the high quantity. So far in my research it looks like plastisol transfers is what I'm seeing out there but production wise it wouldn’t make sense for me. Any ideas?
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