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need some help

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hi guys,

i've heard that DTG printing is the best way to go but since I'm starting out small right now, I'm just going to do it with a regular pigment ink printer that can print on release/transfer paper. I already have a heat transfer machine. This is my question, what is the best pigment ink printer that is out there? that is affordable and where can I get it from?

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Did you bother to try and search for pigment ink printers?

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yes, i did. none of them said they were "pigment ink printers" it displayed printers on google but nothing to make me sure it was actually it. i tried Best Buy, even went to the store and the guy had no idea of what I was talking about, so that's why I'm here :)
I talked to Ashley at CobraInk.com today - she was very helpful with me. I am kinda a newbie so I need help too. hope this helps
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