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need some help with first time with mixed results

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This is my first time screen printing, i have had some mixed results (see picture) if i do a single pass it seems to be ok, but if i try 2 reflood screen with ink and do a second pass i get some blurred letters. The plastic bolts on the side of the arm that hold it into place are tight, so i dont think the screen is moving. I have to make 2 passes each time as the squeege isnt wide enough. i also noticed when i pass over the screen with the squeege it sometimes dosent pop back up right away ( the screens have only be used once before). Anyone have any ideas if one of these things is causing this. I did 15 shirts 10 were fine 5 have some blurry letters.


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they aren't blurry.. they seem to be smeared or "smushed" down.. you need to get a squeegee that is the correct size.. you don't want to pass over some of the print then do the other.. you won't get consistent results.. is your squeegee large enough to press the print side to side instead of top to bottom or bottom to top (depending on if you push or pull).
I'll try going sideways, the print is 8.5 and I have a 10 inch squeegee
A couple other things to keep in mind:
Make sure you are using the right size squeegee

Make sure the your screen and platen are properly tightened so there is no wiggle

Make sure that your off contact between your screen and your platen is right
Looks like some over flooding to me if your squeegee is correct. Try your second stroke no flood. Just some ink in front and try a fill stroke.
I'm going to pick up a wider squeegee so I can do it in 1pass, instead of doing the left side then the right. So on 2nd coat no flooding screen first ?
just to follow up, switching to a larger squeegee took care of the problem.
Good job. Also remember the Off Contact, and Flashing between prints.
I'm guessing it's also the angle at which you're holding the squeegee. Ideally you should be at a 45-60degree angle but that also depends on the type of squeegee, barometer you're using.

Also, make sure the off contact height is enough - bout 3 pennies worth
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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