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Need some help!! Schulze pretreatmaker III or Speedtreater??!?

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Hello all. I come from 10 years of hobby vinyl and I just got into transfer paper then into sublimation and now DTG printing. I hear that the DTG market can be trouble some so my wife and I didn’t want to get a home loan on getting new equipment. So we decided to purchase everything with our 9-5 slowly and now we have a white big DTG and need a pretreated. Being that I am buying used to fit our budget, we have a chance to get a speedtreater in good condition or a Schulze pretreatmaker III with 400 uses with the plastic still on it for the same price ... which would you pick and why??? I have searched the forums and YouTube and can’t find any feedback so I would appreciate yours ? thanks!
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Figure I’d post some of my own thoughts between the two.

The pretreatmaker has 4 nozzles vs 1, it has a digital readout with 5 presets vs N/A, it has a line for the PT and one for water or cleaner vs N/A, the 4 nozzles allow more control of how wide of a pattern vs manual nozzle change, single or double pass option vs N/A, overall look of all the bells and whistles.

The speed treater seems to waste less pretreat, made in the US ( better chance of support ( if they aren’t bias to second hand purchases) ) easier chance to get parts if needed (may or may it be true) , only one knob so either you turn it up... turn it down.... or it’s broken lol

Either way one of them will be purchased today or tomorrow so I’m open to all opinions even if they are speculations like my own or from an owner of one or the other

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The speedtreater is built like a tank, had ours a few years now and its rock solid, you can pickup any extra parts you need (nozzles etc..) from ebay for a fraction of the cost than from the supplier. Its a piece of kit I have never regretted buying.
Hey thanks for the response I was beginning to believe I died and didnt know it lol
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